Proven to Save 57% on AWS

Automatically maximize your savings with zero risk of over-exposure.

Big Savings Made Safe and Easy

Usage tailors your AWS commitments to match your actual consumption of AWS services on an automated and ongoing basis.



Usage is simply an IAM Policy + Role that takes fewer than 5 minutes to include into your AWS organization. No engineering work required!


Usage manages Reserved Instances for 200+ customers. From SMBs to Enterprise level customers, companies trust Usage to save on AWS!


Operating at the billing layer only, Usage can't touch or modify your instances in any way. ZERO percent chance for server downtime or workflow interruptions of any sort!

Commitment Free

Usage is a monthly commitment, which paired with our Buyback Guarantee on all RI purchases, means you don't have to commit to AWS or Usage to see savings!

Manage All Your Instances

Usage allows you to quickly access all of the EC2 instance data you want - spending, savings, utilization rate, and more - in one powerful app!