Are You A Registered Charity?

You May Be Eligible for over £8000 ($10000) Monthly in Free Advertising


Google Ad Grant

Google Ad Grants offers nonprofits up to £8000 ($10000) in ads per month. This virtually free advertising can help nonprofits acquire website users while furthering your organisation’s impact. 

This grant can help your charity:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Attract Donors
  • Recruit new volunteers

Let us help you use Google Ad Grants to share your cause with the world.

At The Sales Centre, we specialise in helping charities like yours access and leverage the Google Ad Grant program. This incredible opportunity allows eligible nonprofits to receive up to £8000 ($10000) in monthly advertising credits on Google. Imagine what that could do for your charity's mission!

With Multiple Charity clients under our management, we specialise in making the most of your Google Ad Grant.


Who Are We?

At The Sales Centre, we understand that Non-Profit Organisations, just like businesses, need to focus on their core strengths to succeed. 

That's why we help our clients grow and amplify their voice by providing customised marketing solutions. 

Our talented team delivers exceptional results, freeing up your time and resources to concentrate on your core objectives.

Our Google Ad Grant Service: Your Path to Success

Our Google Ad Grant management service includes the following:

Google Ad Grant Setup

We'll guide you through the application process and ensure your charity meets the eligibility criteria.

Campaign Management & Optimisation

Our experts will create and manage effective search campaigns to maximise your visibility and reach. We continually refine your ad campaigns to ensure you get the best possible results.

Performance Tracking

We provide transparent reporting to show the impact of your Google Ad Grant investment.

We understand that Non profit organisations run on strict budgets to maximise their impact. That is why we are offering this service at the affordable price of £245 per month with a once-off £395 setup fee (subject to our money-back guarantee!)

Our Money-Back Guarantee!

Ensuring peace of mind

If your Ad Grant application is not accepted, we will refund you the £395 setup fee!

This makes our service:

  • Risk-Free
  • Results-Driven
  • Transparent
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